Founded in 2008, BONCOM PROIECT is a company that managed to quickly into the design Moldovan market by offering integrated design services for almost all specialties.

The design is being ensured by working with a group of engineers, who possess almost all specialties, required at the moment.

The project represents the means, by which an objective and, especially, an investment in an object have a controlled effect, provided both qualitatively and financially. Only on the basis of a completed project, we may enter into a binding contract with the beneficiary, who is able to guarantee by it the terms and value of works.

Design is part of the investment that not only may specify future costs. It is the aspect, which indeed can influence them directly. Costs of making and operating costs over time are influenced by constructive solutions, execution details, but mostly, a judicious modeling of spaces.

We provide engineering network design services in the following areas:

Constructions resistance:

Civil constructions
Road constructions

Facilities and networks for water supply and sewage:

Interior systems
External networks
Water treatment plants
Systems and networks for heating, ventilation and air conditioning
Electrical installations
High voltage lines, transformers, low voltage electrical networks, electrical equipment
Automation installations
Installations for protection, against fire of external intrusion

Having a very good reputation among our customers, we are confident that the products and services we offer, will give you a guaranteed satisfaction. We are confident that cooperation between our companies will be mutually beneficial. If you need more details, feel free to contact us.

Design is not an expensive unnecessary point of an investment. On the contrary, it is a guarantee for obtaining actual costs and optimal results!

BONCOM PROIECT – prompt solution for your project!