Company history

Founded in 1996, for nearly two decades, enterprise BONCOM has paced along with people who feel responsible and willing to participate in rescuing and protecting the environment, and is has been taking all measures, necessary to improve the infrastructure, related to water and sewage, as well as wastewater treatment.

To guarantee the quality of our products and services, we have sought and established business and professional contacts with leading manufacturers of the area in the European Union, who provide us with operational assistance in projects covered.

Since the problem of wastewater treatment and environment protection little by little becomes less decentralized, we are pleased that our technology can be installed and that we can work quite productively with central and local authorities, municipal enterprises, with legal persons and many natural persons.

All these facilities are internationally patented. BONCOM holds the exclusive license for the production of plants in the Republic of Moldova, granting its customers the opportunity to purchase “a European product at a Moldovan price”.

The main objective of our company is to become a leading provider of water treatment plants, proposed on the market and in the environmental technology area, and a trustful partner for families, companies and local authorities in their efforts to comply with the most demanding environmental standards.

Environment protection is a fundamental duty of the society members, and in future, every citizen or a commercial company will have to consequently apply conservation and restoration methods of natural environment, and to provide themselves with technological means to prevent and limit the country pollution.

BONCOM proposes that water in RM should be protected along with European Union waters. We managed to realize many projects in many localities, due to which we managed to assist in solving the problem of waste water treatment. But we are not going to stop on this achievement, because water is our future, water is our life!